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Why You Need Protected

Considered Safe????

Just as the dangers of cigarette smoking were recognized too late, the microwaves that fill the air with radiation pollution are also being recognized as harmful too late. As practitioners of energy medicine (and logic) we have observed the effects of soil sterililty, chemical poisons, and radiation in the bodies of our patients. Our conclusion prompted us to invent new remedies for detoxing chemicals, supplying nutrition the body can assimilate, and shielding us from all forms of radiation.

Save Your Brain is a campaign of information, with solutions based on tested documented science. We want to save your brain!

Real Science Answers

The Cell Phone Transformer

The Cell Phone Transformer and Computer/Router Transformer are the simple answers to protect yourself and family from microwave radiation, as well as, all EMF radiation. There is no need to worry as the rest of the world scambles in panic. You are protected for life with these devices. For our children using cell phones, computers, tablets, and wireless everything, their need for protection is much greater than adults. Wouldn't it be nice to live with all the communication conveniences without worry? Now you can! Place the Energy Shield Transformers on all your devices and live free and well.

See why children need more protection than adults