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A Letter from Peggy and Ken

I have been wanting to tell you about my experience with your new E M F device. As I believe I am the most sensitive person ever having been on my cell phone for over 30 years and to the point of blood running out of both ears with massive pain. I have tried other devices such as Bio Pro with no relief . I have done over 1 month of close observations and believe this new product gives me at least a 90% reduction in pain in my head. I still have a small sensation of pain for about 30 minutes after using my phone however this is nothing like it used to be.Please keep up your great work! happy new year!!!!
Thank You,
Peggy McDonnell & Ken Brown

More Testimonials to Come!

For all the cell phone users out there who are extra sensitive, make sure to protect yourself from the EMF microwave radiation today by installing a Phone Shield Transformer.