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The brain is not just so much human tissue to be cooked by electromagnetic radiation. It is an elegant, highly complex device that runs millions of electrical signals through its system per second. This operating system can be jammed by external electromagnetic signals (e.g., those produced by cell phones), especially given that their frequencies and modulations are quite extraneous to the human body's electrical system, including the brain. In fact, never in the long span of human history have human beings been so bombarded by such an enormous quantity of electromagnetic radiation.

Unfortunately, there is also an additional, indirect mechanism of electromagnetic effect that impacts the systems of the human body, according to Dr. Yury Kronn, a Russian-born physicist and renowned specialist in the nonlinear interaction of electromagnetic radiation with matter.

Dr. Kronn has for many years been investigating another type of nonlinear interaction existing in nature - one that has been completely missed by mainstream science - which is the interaction between the electromagnetic and subtle energy fields. Due to this connection, electromagnetic vibrations extraneous to the human body - coming from cell phones and other electronic equipment - excite vibrations in the subtle energy field creating energetic viruses that jeopardize the operations of the body's energy system, including the flow of subtle energy in the meridians and energy centers of the body.