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Testing is Successful!

Quantum Physics to the Rescue

Proven at the RF Exposure Lab in San Diego, CA with the SAR tester ALSAS10U. The results are amazing. "In all three cases, the reduction of EM energy under the influence of Subtle Energy infused objects is very significant." The testing personnel were in wonderment and questioned, "where did the radiation go?" The EMF pollution was NOT absorbed or reflected by the infused objects as predicted by the examining technicians, but was transferred to another dimension, a dimension discovered five millennia ago called Chi, now known as Subtle Energy.

Subtle Subatomic Energy

The answer was found in quantum physics by Dr. Yury Kronn many years ago. Dr. Kronn discovered how to capture subtle energy and infuse or re-introduce these frequencies back into objects such as minerals. These infused objects can then re-set distorted energy patterns back to normal, thus returning the body to its intended healthy balance.

After more than a decade of scientific experimentation, research and development, Dr. Kronn has found a way to program subtle energy in such a way that it can counteract the jamming effect of electromagnetic radiation on the energy system of the human body and through it, normalize the electrical processes in the brain.

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