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We Have Always Known...

The world today is just now realizing the dangers of microwave radiation (EMF).¹ The cautions are in national news everywhere. People are talking about how to increase safety by using earphones or demanding manufacturers to make safer cell phones, tablets, and computers.² Quick fixes and faulty manufacturer's research have confused consumers. We have always known that microwave radiation is harmful, even in small cell phone doses, the effects are accumulative especially in children.



While the rest of the world has been confused, we have clearly acknowledged the problem and found a solution to the harmful effects of these frequencies. Scientifically validated protection is available for you and your family.

A Simple Elegant Solution

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The elegance of modern physics is demonstrated with our Cell Phone Shield (pictured left). This solution reduces EMF radiation pollution simply by affixing the small transformer disk to your phone. The Cell Phone Shield Transformer Disk is real science and real protection for your family. Tests conducted in the RF Exposure Lab at San Diego, CA proved the effectiveness of the Shield in transforming harmful microwave and all EMF radiation from the body. We use the term transformed because the radiation is not absorbed or reflected. The EMF shield renders your technology harmless. These protective shields are battery free, maintenance free, and will not wear down. Just place one on your device to protect your health.