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Dr. Yury Kronn PHD

Dr. Yury Kronn

Dr. Yury Kronn is a world-renowned research scientist, inventor, theoretician, Human Rights activist, and organizer. Most recently he invented the Subtle Energy Field Infusion Generator (SEFIG). SEFIG offers a unique technology that imprints Subtle Energy patterns into concentrated trace minerals to realize a significant and immediate, beneficial effect upon the body.

Dr. Kronn arrived in the US in 1988. He has committed his life and expertise to understanding the mysterious, as yet unmeasurable forces in the universe. Today, from his laboratory in Oregon, he is pioneering the new science of subtle subatomic energy.

Dr. Steven Davis D.C., CTN

Dr. Steven Davis

As a true alternative physician, Dr. Davis D.C., CTN's quest for understanding optimal health never ceases. His treatments range from nutraceuticals to energy medicine. His patients seek him from around the United States because of his fantastic reputation as an Alternative Doctor. Dr. Davis works with Dr. Kronn in quantum physics research, and together they have found wonderful remedies that help even the most down and out patients heal. He acts now as the director for Nutrilink, and other breakthrough nutritional companies.

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