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Microwaves Common to all Protocols

  • 3G Protection
  • 4G Protection
  • LTE Protection
  • voLTE Protection

The movement from 3G to 4G to LTE to voLET seems clear, the days of voice only mobile communication is over. Data transmission with wide bandwidth is the trend of the industry. Data transmission networks such as the emerging LTE and voLTE are the next generation communication infrastructure. What does this mean to your safety?

Though protocols and technology changes, one underlying theme remains, Microwave Radiation . Microwave is by far the only viable transmission technology capable of delivering the new 4g and LTE / voLTE to our devices and will continue far into the future. The wider bandwidth and more powerful microwave transmissions necessary for internet and video communication, amplifies the need to shield microwave destruction.

Protection for you and your children is now more critical than ever before.
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